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The cloth training: deepening - Article image

The cloth training: deepening

Some depth notes to complete the treatment of the fabric cloth:
  • This exercise is so important that it should be done almost every day for at least 30 minutes (with special sessions of 1 hour)
  • The best way to train uniformly through the body to this exercise is to force us to perform, for example, before the exercise with the upper part of the body, then with the lower one and finally with both in combination
  • When the cloth falls, we must never step on it, for any reason (this teaches us to stop abruptly, to avoid obstacles and to quickly balance the body)
  • To avoid the uncontrollable urge to grab the cloth, we have to hold hands open (at the very beginning)
  • At the beginning we will follow the movements of the cloth, in a later stage we will decide the motion of the cloth
  • In the best performance of this exercise, the cloth compress, it opens completely, stiffens, wraps, turn on itself, turns away / closer to our liking
  • At the beginning we will have some difficulty using kicks and something more with shoulders, head, knees and elbows, it does not matter, let's insist
With weapons:
  • With rigid weapons (sticks, swords blunt, etc.) the exercise will seem much easier, when we learn to give up shots, let's focus to give even down
  • With flexible weapons, at the beginning it will seem almost impossible to keep the cloth in the air just for 2 times, do not be discouraged, let's try to use gentle strokes upward, the rest will come with the acquisition of reflexes and spatial intelligence
Here are some variants of the cloth:
  • Use a plastic bottle (empty or *full)
  • Use of the pillows (even bulky)
  • Use undergarments (socks, underwear. etc.)
  • Use balls (stress, tennis, football, *baseball, etc.)
  • Use our gloves
  • Use books
  • Use objects of elastic fabric filled with polystyrene pellets (the heart in photo)
  • Use any object that reasonably (in relation to our ability), it seems appropriate
  • When exercise becomes too easy or weak we can replace the cloth with other objects and / or (when our skills become truly good) we can practice with 2 cloths simultaneously
Environment variants:
  • Once we have a good level, we can do the exercise in low light up to complete darkness
  • Once we learn how to fall without sustaining damage (more on this later) and earned a good balance we can perform the exercise on water soil, on ice, on uneven ground and finally on a blanket of plastic soaked with oil (very hard)
  • We can also put hanging obstacles (bungee cords oscillating) and on the ground (balls, bottles, etc.)
The exercise of the cloth is crucial, it increase our balance and speed up in an amazing way our reflexes, with time we will notice big differences even in the perception of everyday life:
  • We will see the world move more slowly (eg. watching a TV fight, also very fast, we will begin to distinguish clearly every move)
  • Unlikely we will slide, or at least, we will not fall to the ground
  • Unlikely we will lose sight of the insect flight
  • Unlikely we will let fall to the ground what pops off our hands
* The baseball and the full bottle require the acquisition of the "sweet" blow (a kind of ability that we have not yet addressed, more on this later).
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