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Why train fingers and toes

Why train the fingers of our hands:
  • To improve the grip when we grab the opponent
  • To better use flexible and rigid weapons
  • To be able to reach furthest targets
  • To add to the strength of the muscle chain also one of the phalanges
  • To concentrate the full power of an attack in a small space
  • To gain access to even tiny targets with extreme precision (pressure points)
Why train our toes:
  • To avoid damage due to continuous efforts (kicks, jumps, etc.)
  • To strike with feet as as they were hands
  • To be able to jump higher, kick stronger and move faster
  • To enhance the management of the balance
Fingers and toes should be trained one by one individually for four aspects:
  • Resistance (to hit with fingers, avoid fractures, etc.)
  • Flexibility (to hit more freely, limit the damage caused by twisting, etc.)
  • Agility (to better slide weapons, change catch, etc.)
  • Power (to wring weapons, grab the opponent, etc.)
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