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Be invisible in the crowd: preparation and clothing

The 6DKF use deception: we must maintain the appearance of a normal, healthy, in good shape but not flashy, no calluses (caused by body conditioning), no exaggerated muscles, nothing that would lead back to the prototype of a martial art practitioner. We have to mantain a low profile, we have to keep our body clean and smooth, no signs, nothing in us must remain engraved in people who are watching (unless we want to).

Here are some ideas about the preparation of invisibility in the crowd:
  • We must make sure that if someone is called to report our description, he will never be able to say anything in particular that sets us apart from anyone in the mass
  • We have to dress like they dress people neither ugly nor beautiful of our age / sex / nationality in supermarkets near the place where we want to go unnoticed (in the same year period)
  • We have to alter our appearance upsetting our normality
  • For men, the ideal is the 2-3 days shave, for women no makeup
  • The extremes there are enemies at this juncture, let's look as much as possible mediocre, neither ugly nor fascinating
  • Tattoos, scars, bruises and other signs have to be completely hidden with posture, clothing or makeup ma senza apparire "insoliti"
  • We have to scrutinize at the mirror our appearance centimeter by centimeter looking for something that would attract attention and find expressions / neutral attitudes
How to dress:
  • The glasses are always good, sunglasses only if they are weared by many people
  • Better not wear necklaces, bracelets, etc. (unless the context so requires)
  • If our body has unusual characteristics we have to try to hide them or make sense of them in relation to how we dress
  • The hair must be covered if possible or collected, in 90% of cases are a sign of recognition (the man must have short hair, woman long)
  • A written phrase on our t-shirt demands to be read, do not wear clothing with brands, sentences or otherwise, even the appealing images should be avoided
  • Unless the context of the environment so requires, nothing erogenous parts in sight (necklines, short skirts, etc.) and even marked musculature
  • The clothes of a fashion just ended are great (it is usually best to avoid colors that are too dark)
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