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Be invisible in the crowd: eyes and attitudes

To be invisible in the crowd is not enough to dress anonymously, it has the same importance the postures and facial expressions (especially the eyes).

  • Keep walking, a stopped person automatically focuses attention
  • Never try to hide the face (with neither hands, nor with clothing out of place)
  • Keep a neutral expression (no grim looks, no smiles)
  • Never touch our face, to curl forehead, to clear throat, to touch ears or to start gestures without concluding them
  • We try to stand with forward shoulders and the abdomen naturally relaxed
  • Hands should be stopped and relaxed (if we can not relax them let's put in our pockets)
  • Never make jerky movements, we have to move slowly and uninterrupted
  • No gestures of nervousness (snap fingers, biting lip, stomping, stretch, inhale / exhale unnaturally, etc.)
  • Let's hide athleticism, spatial intelligence and reflexes (better to appear a little clumsy and slow moving but without being caricatures)
  • We must not talk with anyone unless it is absolutely necessary (talking people are analyzed thoroughly and hardly forgot)
  • We do not have to walk too near other people, we do not have to exit from their viewing area (the opposite of an ambush, no blind spots, do not stay behind shoulders, etc.)
The eyes:
  • Our look must aim (tend) down to the ground
  • Let's look at everything is unusual as a normal person (strange people, flashing things, etc.)
  • Do not attract attention or even to make eye contact with those who stay on the road we travel (sellers, beggars, etc.)
  • As a general rule, we never have to look anyone in the eyes (to look eyes or faces is a gesture that is always noticed and turn on the observer attention)
  • Normally the eyes should move slowly with the head
  • Do not look at a target more than 2 seconds (after this, let's rotate slowly our eyes of a very few degrees to the left or to the right, the neck stand still in the same position)
As with recitation it take much exercise to get a credible result (it is not easy to simulate to be natural) but it can help filming us (both to draw inspiration from everyday life, both to review and correct errors).
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