6 Dragons Kung Fu Style

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The 6DKF Dragon Motion: the swirling movements - Article image

The 6DKF Dragon Motion: the swirling movements

Many of the 6DKF movements follow swirling motions (both with weapons, both with free body), essentially, the Dragon Motion teach us to draw in the air a kind of vortex of italics "e" letters (see the photo).

The advantages of this type of movement are multiple, once accustomed our body to follow this type of trajectories we can in fact:
  • Surprise our opponent with unexpected direction changes
  • Channel more easily and instinctively the opponent's movements
  • Hide the real direction in which we want to propagate power (our or the opponent's)
  • Use even small spaces to charge powerfull circular harmonic motion
An effective use of the Dragon Motion, however, requires considerable training and especially spatial intelligence; in particular it should be emphasized that, in absence of these points, this tecnique risks to be ineffective:
  • We must learn to take and calculate instinctively the right spaces to load the shots in a circular way
  • We need to be both relaxed and focused
  • We need to train ourselves to collect the maximum power from the swirl without losses
  • We must ensure that our entire body always follows and exalt the motion and especially that it does not obstacle it
Needless to say that the Dragon Motion is not (and must not be) the only way in which we load our strokes but in a lot of fight situations it can be an optimal choice.
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