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Train wrists and arms with weights to get fluidity

This exercise comes from Karate and consists of lifting a stone disc frontally up adn down. In 6DK it runs in a slightly different way to enhance fluidity as well as strengthen the wrists and arms.

It is not very easy to find the original tool (a wooden stick with a stone disc at its end), but we can adapt a dumbbell fitted for weightlifting by moving all the weight on one side.

Some specific reasons why it pays to perform this exercise:
  • Strengthens the wrists
  • Better withstand the weight of weapons
  • Makes arm movements more solid and precise
The execution is much more than its explanation:
  • Seize the handle on the other side of the weight
  • Let's start with the handle resting on our shoulder
  • The movement is frontal from top to bottom and vice versa
  • The movement consists of 3 phases, behind our back, in front of us and along our side
  • In the first phase our arm is bent toward the shoulder and the disc is near to touch our back
  • In the second phase our forearm is parallel to the ground and the disc is up to our chest
  • In the third phase our arm falls along the side to overcome it swinging back
  • At each step we must stop, bounce and proceed (1-2-3-2-1-2 ...)
  • At each step the whole body harmoniously bend to follow the direction of the movement
  • We must always be relaxed and never rigid
The ideal is to start with 3kg and then increased gradually, when we realize we can control the weight easily, let's switch to more complex, harmonious and complex ranging movements.
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