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Be invisible in the crowd: divert attention

As illusionists do, most importantly than a good trick, we need a good way to divert attention from the trick itself.

The deception that makes invisible our passage must be contextualized in anything that force the brain activity of the observers to remain below the warning level (more about this later).

How to act and appear to be without arousing suspicion:
  • The couples, families, tourists, sportsmen, attendants, workers, older people (depending on the situation) do not attract attention and do not raise guard
  • TO bring a dog can always be a good excuse to justify our presence at night in deserted places
  • If we have to stop somewhere without arousing suspicion, as appropriate, we can pick up the phone, rummage in our bag or make use of other common items (lipstick, drinking mineral water, etc.)
  • If we have to take a picture we pretend rapid selfie (if that makes sense), or a video call (we have to be spontaneous)
  • If we have to look down we have to let something drop, to search it and find it, if we have to look in up direction let's dress a jacket (let's use creativity but keeping ourselves 100% natural)
  • If we have to look behind us we have to find / take reflective surfaces (glasses, mirrors, cutlery, metal boxes, etc.), anything that can make sense in the context we are
  • Cigarettes and lighter in our pocket should not miss, they allow us to get closer to any type of person (for example, if we want to get closer to X, simply let's ask the person-not-involved-Y close to X if he has a lighter)
  • Chewing gum and candy allow us to take time, we always need them (more complex are they to open better they are)
  • Never stop walking / acting to think, if we have to think let's do it while we perform one ordinary action (eg. send a message with the phone)
  • Do not let us leave the usual path of the people, if we change direction, we have to give meaning to our change
How to solve problems:
  • If a person look at us for more than 2 seconds, we have to look his eyes with vacant look but not for a long time (let's never have an elusive look)
  • If someone is watching us insistently / suspect, let's walk in his direction and (if possible), let's ask him an information, let us not turn away, it would be to confirm his suspicions
  • If we have to do something that would certainly arouse suspicion, like illusionists, we must learn to divert attention from the trick to focus it on a harmless event that can arouse greater interest (more about this later)
These are just mind working examples, in real life we always need:
  • Preparation (study a strategy, try the role, and prepare loopholes)
  • Discipline (keep a cool head and never stop to be spontaneous)
  • Concentration (react quickly, adapt the theory to practice and to improvise)
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