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The Dragon Motion: a first insight and 4 exercises

Let's see some notions that can clarify and better define the idea behind the Dragon Motion in 6DKF:
  • The movement should not be thought as two-dimensional (as the "e" cursive lower case on a paper) but it must move with the whole body in three dimensions
  • While we perform this type of movement it is vital to prevent the rest of the body to slow down / block / divert our flowing force
  • There is no Dragon Motion (as applicable) if we do not jump, bend knees, twist and / or walk in the right direction
  • The fake made with the Dragon Motion take effect only if our eyes point to a real target, if we have the space to run the entire rotation and if we hurl the shot with real decision (even the fake attack has to hurt the opponent if he is going to be touched)
  • When we speak of channeling or imprisoning the opponent's moves with the Dragon Motion we must never contrast force frontally but divert / wrap around / dampen sideways its intensity
  • When the Dragon Motion takes control of the opponent movement, it must be routed to a point of impact (our free arm, the floor, etc.) or stopped in a situation of control / submission / permanent damage
  • The Dragon motion is more effective the more our coordination allows us to run simultaneously different rotations with different parts of our body (or weapons) in different directions (without contrasts)
  • The Dragon Motion is one of the methods of attack / defense but should not be the only choice in a fight, the risk is that the opponent will "get used" to the way we fight
Here are 4 exercises to start developing the Dragon Motion:
  • Draw of the "e" cursive lowercase consequentially in air; the first "e" has to be small, the second a bit 'bigger and so on, harmoniously and connected; we seek to increase and not to waste the strength that we accumulate
  • Hitting moving targets after any circle spinning (spirals, symbols of infinity, "e", etc.), let's start slowly focusing on precision and gradually let's try to gain power and speed
  • Draw in the air the greek alphabet letters performing harmonic and linked movements; while we perform the exercise with our arms / legs, we have to try to move our whole body favoring the direction of the force
  • Perform the previous exercises with rigid weapons (sticks, swords, knives, etc.) and with flexible ones (chains, nunchaku, whips, etc.), also simultaneously with other body parts
We have to train a lot to be able to effectively use this technique; more we make powerful, in restricted space and rapid circular direction changes more our opponent will lose track of how we load our shots.

At the highest level the Dragon Motion hides his circular harmony deceiving the adversary to think we are executing rigid, irrational and unexpectedly powerful changes of direction; in terms of fight the opponent has to give up its ability to predict our targets, reducing his defensive capacity only to reflexes (which means losing almost 50% of his chances of not getting hit).
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