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The signals that do not necessarily precede an aggression - Article image

The signals that do not necessarily precede an aggression

Every person is different, yet we all have some common instincts / behavior / ways typical of our "species".

The classic sequence of a discussion that leads to an aggression often starts from things like an insistent look, strong words (etc.) but not always the escalation reaches its "final goal".

Let's see first some contextual "preparatory" cues that NOT uniquely identify an aggression:
  • Chest out
  • Arms back
  • Chin top
  • Hands resting on the hips
  • Hands completely opened
  • Strong words
  • Walk with legs apart
  • The stand up without walking in our direction (if the potential attacker is sitting)
  • Gestures of intimidation or invitation to confrontation (by average distance)
  • Rhetorical questions and / or the prolong of the conversation
  • Attempts to justify a verbal aggression (in presence of others)
This type of signals (especially if not in a group and if not combined with a close range) should not be underestimated, but at the same time, should not make us excessively worry.

In the next article we'll see the real contextual cues to aggression.
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