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The signals that identify an attacker who practice martial arts

Recognize the contextual cues of preparation to assault by a practitioner of martial arts is useful to evaluate our options and its danger. In the escalation (for example) of a fight these signs will allow us, at least, to understand if we face a common person or not.

Do not ever forget that those who train to fight are ready to fight and that if they take a guard position, they are not pretending, they will fight (*).

Some of the signs that we analyze contradict some others but we must not be confused because each fighting style has different approaches, because not all practitioners are at the same level of preparation and especially because each person is and remains different.

With this background in mind we review some of the most common attitudes:
  • Eliminate quickly what most clutter / slows / stops (voluminous clothes, chains, bracelets, etc.).
  • Start moving in a very balanced / calibrated by running fast action and precise (a sure sign of a good coordination and muscle control)
  • Keep his body still, tend muscles and the eyes focused
  • Take a guard position
  • Lower your head, shrug your shoulders and arms
  • Assume a very solid position which guarantees stability
  • Slightly widen the arms, open hands and raise / stiffen their backs
  • Start rapid movements of stretching / warming but never lose sight
  • Tighten every muscle of your body and / or tighten fists
  • Start micro-rhythmic movements that distribute the weight
  • Hold your breath or breathe deeply / rhythm
  • Perform gestures prepared to fight (state control of their bodies, etc.)
  • No word or a few words of warning but well-measured
  • Eye who observe the environment, our bodies, any possible additional opponents and possible weapons to use
  • Moving slowly but firmly towards us
  • Trying to save and close your body in a space as small as possible or put in profile
  • Have a look calm, focused, determined, if not serene
Let us always remember that the eyes are very important, we talk about them and their lives; are not the eyes, severe or full of anger that we have to worry about but those unnatural who, in the face of danger, flaunts real tranquility and serenity, in a single word: a life of discipline.

This is the most dangerous opponent possible. Let's train trying to understand the difference of eye's look of casual people.

In the next article we will discuss the concept of constant attention to cover the gap that exists between our reflexes and attacks completely unexpected.

* = Needless to say, those who choose the path of martial arts must not start to attack anyone for any reason. Never.
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