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Study an opponent to use his errors

There are endless ways to use to our advantage mistakes, habits and specific characteristics of a particular fighter, with future articles, we will begin to connect the data collected in the study phase (which we have already spoken) to their actual usage.

We do not immediately descend into the details of specific tactics / strategies but we will exhibit some of the key concepts that will give us, at least, one opportunity to win.

This advantage will however be the greater the more we will have awareness of our body in terms of limits and potentials to be compared (in the present moment of the fight).

That said, the information that we can seize on the opponent have many applications:
  • Limit the number of attacks from which to defend ourselves
  • Find / defend the guard vulnerabilities
  • Organize our mobility (distances, directions, etc.)
  • Prepare traps (with baits offered tailored)
  • Create disadvantage / advantage conditions
  • ...
In a frenetic combat, many of the arguments that we are going to exhibit may appear cumbersome and complex to follow but as we have said many times instinct has to be driven by the rapid reasoning.

Unconsciously our mind processes an infinite amount of information and links them in an almost perfect way (eg. the body balance, the depth of the spaces in relation to the eye and our movement), it is necessary to convert these small impositions into natural attitudes.

After this brief introduction, in the next article, we will see what should be applied in relation to the data collected in the study phase.
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