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Speed: expand the vibrations - Article image

Speed: expand the vibrations

We continue the discussion of the previous articles related to speed and vibration to pass to their evolution. The idea behind the concept of vibrating our limbs at the highest possible frequency is to be able to extend and increase the maximum speed that our body can express.

In fact, with the vibrations we gradually educate our body:
  • To resist to strong consecutive tractions
  • To express great speed and power continuously
  • To load big power in very small spaces / times of charge
What we are going to expose not precludes the previous exercises but adds some others with more difficulties (previous practices remain mandatory).

Maintaining the same speed we have to:
  • Increase gradually the vibration space
  • Switch from tension / stiffness to relaxation / softness
  • Involve the whole body in the vibration without causing dispersio (with the muscolar chain, this is the most difficult thing)
  • Include small movements in space (in all directions, including jumps and squats)
The vibrations that we are going to perform at this stage are more free and personal, as a refer they are however connected to the previous methodology. We have to experience what our body can endure and what our mind can handle.

Last but not list, we must keep in mind that:
  • The breathing that we are going to do in these situations is different, the lungs can not keep up at such speed, for the moment et's try to be spontaneous, let's just breathe like it comes naturally (we will further deepen the topic)
  • This article is not for novice practitioners, these expansion should be avoided if we have not conditioned our body just fine with the basic vibration (as already we mentioned, we risk damaging our ligaments)
  • Probably the simultaneous use of speed and relaxation will be difficult to be understood but time and practice will teach us how it works, let's try to be patients
In the next article of this discussion we will see the last and final evolution of the exercise of vibrations.
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