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10 common mistakes of intermediate fighters

After seeing 10 of the most typical beginner's combat mistakes we pass to those of the "intermediate level" practitioners:
  • Announce our attacks (or our defenses) through positions, body gestures and charging almost unequivocal (eg. look through the eyes what we want to hit and with what)
  • Repeat cyclically, unconsciously, and endlessly the same patterns of attack / defense to issues of mental and physical exhaustion (or worse due to a protracted superficial preparation)
  • Flaunt (outside of a deliberate strategy) overconfidence or show excessive worry; our psychologically fault can convert to a dangerous security take of the opponent (a "spill of energy" from us to him)
  • Limiting our actions to a context of correctness and preservation of opponent integrity in a situation that carries a high risk to our life (or that of those around us)
  • Defend (for fear) or attack (for arrogance) to the bitter end without tactic or a general strategy
  • Face the opponent (trying to grab, searching for impacts, etc.) even when his flow could be easily channeled
  • Try to reach a secondary target in situations where our opponent has a favorable position to hit us on primary targets; more generally, to let us to be tempted by the opponent's traps
  • Maintain a not solid guard (poor, inactive, etc.) exposing our bodies to unexpected attacks or, worse, letting the guard going down (unintentionally) during the execution of a technique (eg. a kick)
  • Keep the joints of our body rigid or too open to their full extention exposing us to easy breakage as well as risking limited power / flexibility
  • Try charging our movements (eg. a punch) when not needed or when we do not have the necessary time and space
Of course the possible errors are infinite, this is just a small list, in the next article of this series we will see some solutions.
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