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Hitting with softness

The best shots we can deliver within a combat are those that release energy through the softness (eg. in combination with our muscolar chain).

As we have repeatedly mentioned, the softness is not the only way that we use to attack or defend (every situation has different choices to be taken) but it is certainly one that we favor; So let's look at some of the main reasons.

If we use (in terms of attack or defense) softness:
  • We can release the maximum force that our bodies can express
  • We can use the maximum speed that our limbs can reach
  • We can change shape and trajectory even when a movement has already begun
  • We can save valuable energy (with which to attack or defend to the bitter end)
  • We have the occasion to limit the damage of incorrect / accidental impacts (if not avoiding them altogether)
  • We obstruct the opposing interaction with our limbs (eg. we can easly free ourself)
  • We obstruct opponents when they try to move us from our position
  • We can be more unpredictable and also hide the real power of our movements
  • We have more options to protect the integrity of our body (eg. avoiding breakage)
  • ...
All this, of course, can not happen in absence of proper training, it is indeed the result of a constant and sustained effort over time; only preparation, discipline and concentration allows us to achieve this kind of "excellence" otherwise unreachable (without "kung fu", in the meaning of hard work, softness is nothing but weakness).

In the next article we will begin to see how to run and what are the characteristics of a defensive / attack motion that employ at the same time softness and power.
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