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How to combine softness and power

We have already spoken in the past about the concept of energy release ( "The metal sphere: how to release the force of a punch or a kick") and persistent movements ( "Persistent movements: examples and learning"), in this discussion we want go over and explain directly how to develop the connection between power and softness.

Once again, the secret is in the constant practice of the right exercises; to make devastating and unstoppable our soft movements we must indeed train our body to:
  • Avoid any stiffness (in favor of the maximum relaxation)
  • Avoid collateral leakage of the force (direct or indirect)
  • Endure impacts more and more intense without damage (with conditioning)
  • Fully release the loaded force (nothing has to remain within us)
To do this we need to force the body to repeatedly describe harmonic movements with the idea of ​​improving fluidity, strength, trajectory, breathing (etc.) each time.

It's a matter of concentration, discipline, preparation.

So let's see, in practice, the categories of 6DKF's exercises useful to make the correct blend of power and smoothness:
  • Air movements (hover harmonic movements, fluid and intense in the air)
  • Water movements (find the right trajectories through the resistance of the water)
  • Earth movements (face solid materials to evaluate and increase the power of our motions)
  • Fire movements (interact with the flame to increase and assess the power that we can unleash)
  • Ether movements (use mind to focus the perfect movement before executing it)
  • Human movements (measure and improve, in contact with training partners, our skills)
In future articles we will see specific exercises belonging to each of these categories that are adapted to build our softness through kung fu ( "hard work").
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