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Fortify our toes: the first exercise

In 6DKF it is provided the use of the toes but only at an advanced level and obviously when in combat it is good to be done (normally we use the heel, the instep, the back part of the side, etc.).

About strengthen the toes we must first say some important things:
  • Toes are very likely to be damaged (thing that in combat is very deleterious)
  • Shaolin monks can strike with their toe tips, but in the biggest part of martial arts it does not happen (leg strength is immense)
  • Also conditioned toes can be broken, conditioning does not mean invulnerability, we always have to take care of our body (hitting softer parts with harder parts)
  • To use toes, leg strength must be calibrated with their level of conditioning
That said, it is not a secret that the concentration of the impact area that can make, for example, the big toe:
  • Can multiply 10 times the power of a kick
  • Allow us to achieve a better distance and height
Let's see how to fortify our toes through the first basic / introductive exercise:
  • Let's put us barefoot, standing in front of a wall
  • We must be a 75-100cm distance (let's choose a wall that we can smudge)
  • Let's flex the right leg leaning our foot to the wall (the leg is bent)
  • Let's put the toes to the wall so that they are flexed upwards
  • The foot palm does not have to touch the wall, just the upper part of the toes
  • Maintaining the balance, we have to push our body away from the wall
  • Let's focus on using only the toes (let's synchronize our breathing to the movement)
  • Let's repeat the exercise with the other leg or alternately (practice more dynamic but unsuitable to learn the correct positions)
  • At the beginning we do not have to exaggerate with the repetitions (everything lasts about 10 minutes)
This first approach to the conditioning of the toes is important and allows us to access the next steps. In future articles we will see other exercises useful to the fortification of the toes.
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