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Air movements: the wind wake exercise - Article image

Air movements: the wind wake exercise

As we have seen, there are several categories of exercises for the development of the "soft power", the first one we analyze belongs to the group of air movements.

The practice we are going to describe is called "wind wake" and it is (initially) simple:
  • Let's take 2 strips of cloth with a length equal to our height
  • Let's tie the 2 ribbons on our wrists
  • Let's perform the Dragon Motion (which we have already spoken)
  • Let's try to avoid the bands to overlap or get caught
  • We do not have to forget to use the whole body, combinations, etc.
  • Let's always imagine to face an opponent or multiple opponents (attack and defense, we do not do juggling)
  • Let's try sometimes to release big power after a rotation
  • The exercise can also be performed with legs and ribbons tied to the ankles (harder)
  • When the quality of our movements is very stable we can start to tie small weights (eg. gravel) at the end of the cloth tape (advanced level)
  • After a lot of practice we can increase the weights and / or replace the ribbons with ropes or chains (for expert practitioners only)
  • It makes no sense to go ahead of time with the use of heavier and more dangerous tools, first we have to master a perfect movement
  • Only when we have the right mobility we can think about evolutions (and only if we can maintain a certain quality of movement)
  • In particular for handling the chains on our wrists and / or ankles it takes years of practice and a soft power very well defined
Immediately this simple practice will allow us to have full visual control:
  • On the quality of our movements (accuracy, direction, etc.)
  • On the difference of power of our movements
  • On all the details that we have described in the article "How to combine softness and power" and "How to Improve the 6DKF's Dragon Motion"
In the long run this practice will make us able to handle much of the power that before, without realizing it, we have wasted: for this reason we must pay attention to this new type of force when interacting with other people (also and especially in everyday life).

In the next article of this series we will see other exercises (water movements).
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