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Self defense: how to behave

Reconnecting us to the article "The 6DKF's diagram about the use of violence", we want to reopen the discourse about the personal defense to go deeper in real contexts.

We have to imagine to be in a common situation, caused for example by:
  • A reaction to a overtaking of a motorcycle / car
  • A look / gesture misinterpreted
  • An involontary shove in a queue / on the road
  • An unwanted joke / compliment / laugh
  • ...
Let us identify a context where, in front of us (for direct or indirect reasons), there are one or more persons whose state of alteration is as follows:
  • Ability to reason slowed and blurred by anger (they only focus on what we've done and / or what we are)
  • Adrenaline rising quickly to the alert level (they are ready to attack)
  • Reduced listening capacity by 50-60% (they do not ear what we say)
The first thing that should be emphasized is that, in a similar situation, the entities that we equally must not underestimate are 2:
  • Who is in front of us
  • Ourselves (we probably are in the same mental condition)
The emotion of the moment is in fact our biggest enemy and it is for this reason that a good self-defense plan should be designed / prepared / tested well before it must be put in place.

In this regard, with this series of articles, we want to examine what is the best way to behave through multiple levels of approach, from the less violent to the one which requires us to inevitably defend life.

Let's start from establishing, in order of importance our objectives in relation to the use of force:
  • To safeguard our safety and that of those who are with us (friends, etc.)
  • To safeguard the safety of those who attack us (the peaceful solution is the best)
  • Safeguard what is our property (car, money, etc.)
As we can see, pride and personal honor are not even on the list, it makes no sense to have disproportionate reactions until, who attack us, do not tries to use an aggressive physical contact.

In the next article we will see how to deal with the first level of aggression.
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