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How to always be ready to fight

The fact to be always in a position to fight is not at all automatic; this is the difference between the martial athlete and the warrior, the first prepares himself to express a performance:
  • Faced with a declared opponent
  • Against a person with a similar weight / ability
  • On a predetermined date
  • After a specific workout
  • Motivated by a trainer / master
  • With precise rules, respect and equal weapons
  • In a safe environment
  • With the ability to quit when he wants
  • Without putting at risk his life
  • ...
The second one must instead be always ready, at any moment:
  • When he is injured (past damages, new, etc.)
  • When he is sick (chronic maladies, temporary, etc.)
  • When he is tired (after training, after another clash, etc.)
  • When he is disadvantaged (multiple opponents, armed, etc.)
  • When he is under stress (under direct threatening, indirect, etc.)
  • When he is not completely shiny (under the effect of medicines, in the middle of the night, etc.)
  • When he is taken by surprise (by an acquaintance, an animal, etc.)
  • ...
Said this, how can a practitioner be always ready to face a fight? In one way, bringing to the highest levels: preparation, discipline and concentration:
  • Mental and physical preparation (conditioning, technique, strategy, tactics, simulation, etc.)
  • Discipline refining physical and mental abilities (dayly constant expansion of acquired skills in view of increasingly prohibitive scenarios)
  • Concentration in applying physical and mental abilities (applying the knowledge derived from what he has learned and adapting it with sapience to the context, always different)
Two important precisation, we must be clear and honest:
  • The ability to fight even only in middle level circumstances can not be acquired easily or quickly, it is an uphill path that requires sacrifice and dedication (even the "tricks" we will talk about will only come to fruition if they are supported by a solid workout)
  • In any cases, nothing can assure us victory (the more the psychophysical disadvantages are extreme, the more the possibity to prevail decreases drastically); what this concepts give us it's a chance, a chance that otherwise we would not have
After this introduction, in the next article of this series we will analyze more concretely the 6DKF's method to cope primarily with psychological, then physical limtations and finally we will expose a quick guide to action.
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