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Loop rotations of the rope

After acquiring a good ability rotating circularly our rope on the cube faces (see "Stance and basic rotations of the rope"), we can quickly switch to the most important and effective "8" rotations (describing in the air the symbol of the infinite).

These evolutions are a key component of fighting with the rope (and of many other flexible weapons), if we fail to handle these movements perfectly, we will be totally unable to advance in our martial growth (in particular, in the absence of solid basis, it is extremely dangerous to try more advanced weapons).

Understood this, it's important that we concentrate the utmost attention on the idea of gaining dexterity:
  • The rope must become an extension of the limb that brandishes it
  • Our arms, at the same time, must acquire its "flexible power" (see the article "Hitting with softness")
Let's now rapidly describe the exercise:
  • Let's assume our basic guard position (of which we have already mentioned)
  • Let's sketch the sign of the infinite (an eight) with the rope movement in front of us
  • Let's be careful not to hit our bodies or other objects
  • Let's gradually try to increase the speed of rotation
  • After gaining a certain familiarity, let's try to limit the use of the forearm in favor of the wrist to manage the rotation power
  • As we improve we can begin to move in space (walking and then running in random directions)
  • Let's do not forget to get involved our entire body in the motion
  • The duration of each session is typically 10 minutes
  • The safety instructions apply to those mentioned in the previous article
Given the complexity of spatial management of flexible weapons (inertia, trajectories, impacts, etc.), in order to achieve concrete results, we need to prepare our workout so that we devote it every day a small development space (eg one day the rope, one day the nunchaku, etc.).

In the next step of this discussion, we will see further advancement in rope training in the 6DKF.
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